The Dancer

Josh has only been studying ballet for a few years, but my goodness he is amazing!! I was fortunate enough to get to take a few photos of him a few weekends ago.

There is so much identity tied up in the expression of dance, every dancer like their DNA is unique in the way they move, even when choreographed.

I always think of Ballerina’s as being the royalty of the dance world. It’s power and grace and making the impossible seem effortless.

There’s royalty in you
It commands attention.
Come face to face
there is no prevention
for weary eyes sagging
to feel the ascension
of blood from the heart
that has no apprehension. 

-Elsje O.

Phós Moments aims to capture more than just a moment. It looks deeper than skin and goes after identity.

As you browse through this website you may notice some portraits are accompanied with a verse, this is written especially for the portrait session to enhance and bring to light an aspect of the person.


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