Sparks of Joy

What is it about the sound of laughter from little children? I’m sure there are healing qualities in their laughter.

Getting kids to smile at a photoshoot can sometimes be a challenge… unless you let the child take the lead. I want little ones to be completely comfortable. We plan a photoshoot around their schedule and pace.

I even suggest to let the child choose their own outfit…. if the parent is brave enough for the results.

Children’s photography is incredibly rewarding. It takes patience and a lot of energy. In the years I’ve been working with kids the best photos come when children can play. Unposed, in their favourite spot.

Unfortunately we can’t take every kid to Disneyland, but the swing set in the park will get the same amount of smiles.

Having another friendly face like a brother, sister or cousin there can amplify the fun and smiles and make for beautiful natural portraits.

In Cambridge there are so many options to choose from. Every corner of the county makes for a beautiful backdrop for photos. Cambridge is a photographers paradise!


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