It was the melody that first found you

The rhythm that then moved you

And the spirit that sustains you

Listen to the Melody… it speaks

Move with the Rhythm… it guides

Soak in the Spirit… it loves

What a wonder that unfolds

When you’re giving what you have

While entangled in the three.

Rasheeda is an artist, she creates with everything within her. If you’ve seen her perform you’ll know what I’m talking about.

We met years ago at David’s Tent, we served on the stewarding team and camped in the same area. One morning when I got off my shift I went into the tent and just soaked in the music and in the corner of my eye I caught Rasheeda dancing. It’s been a memory that’s always stuck with me.

Earlier this year I was looking for a dancer and immediately thought about Rasheeda. I’m so thank full she agreed to get infront of the camera.