Night Sky

once upon a time in a far away kingdom…

The thunder rolled in and the night sky turned grey. There was an almighty roar and the sky shattered into a million tiny pieces.

Inside it was warm, there was music and dancing and declarations of love.

The contrast was severe, until it was not. Somehow the songs from within was heard by the heavens and the heavens simply echoed it back in power.

I’ve not done night photography or asto-photography before. I had heard the storm outside and a couple of my friends grabbed me while I had my camera and said ‘you gotta get this’. I’m so thankful they came for me.

I stood outside with my 50mm 1.4F and looked at the sky and thought this is just too amazing and I’m too ill equipped. I do portrait photography, I don’t know how to catch lightning. But I had to try. So with no way of finding a focus point in the dead of night and only the moon and lightning inside the clouds that would give a split second of light. I managed to get a few ‘in focus’ shots

I have no idea how I got the pictures I did. But they are some of my favourites to date.


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