Let her be

When I started photography I had no idea where it would lead. I had gotten to a point while studying that I felt like all the plans I had made for myself had left me feeling uninspired. I wanted more out of life.

I cancelled my plans. Finished my studies. Moved to England and called myself a photographer. If I spoke it out it would become real and it did, with a lot of hard work and many challenges.

I recently came to a standstill, again feeling uninspired. I still loved photography but again I felt something was missing. I did an evaluation, why did I get into it in the first place?

What I wanted was to used photography as a way of showing people how I saw them. Not that my view is better, but it is different.

We all see differently. We come at things from different angles, to give unique perspectives. With portrait photography I wanted to show how I see people.

Now that is what I do. Show you the true you.


Gabriele is a law student. But before law she studied ancient languages – Greek, Hebrew and Mandarin. She is also a violinist and very talented artist (I have one of her pastel works in my bedroom).

While planning the session she showed me the dress, and immediately I knew what I wanted to capture.

She dances on the rhythm of the wind 
And moves with the beat of the sun

From her fingers flow the colours of sound
And her heart sings of a story to come

So let her dance and let her sing
And let her be everything

For from freedom she comes and to freedom she goes
Building a life on the unforced rhythms of grace.

-Lunette Opperman

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