Hanno & Elrine

She opted to a destination wedding set in Greece. It was magical, intimate, and a truly reflected their relationship. 

We spent a few days in Athens looking at sights and ancient ruins. Then took a day road trip up to Corinth, headed south to Sparta just so the bride-to-be could stand in front of the statue of Leonidas and shout “THIS IS SPARTA”. And yes, it was totally worth it!

We then took sharp right and headed to Polithra through the mountains tiny villages and even tiny-er roads. It was a fantastic adventure. All to celebrate the wonder that is Elrine & Hanno.

I love being at weddings as an observer. As the photographer I get the special privilege of going behind the scene and getting a up close and personal account as the day unfolds. I know when to expect all the different emotions and celebrations. But this time being in the wedding, it took me by surprise all the emotions, excitement. It was an honour being involved and helping and walking in and then still getting to take a few photos after the ceremony. Best Wedding!

They eloped in Greece and then 2 weeks later had a celebration with family and friends in a small town near Mosselbay, South Africa.