Portrait Photography

An Engagement in Cambridge

Engagement photography is always good fun. I encourage couples to treat it as a date day (and I tag along like paparazzi). The best compliments I get is when the couples say “We sometimes even forgot you where there”.

Cambridge Engagement Photography

John and Joanette met me on a beautiful spring day at the Granchester Meadows for their engagement photo-shoot. The sun was out in full glory and their personalities matched the day.

Joanette sparks joy! I’ve never seen her not smile, she goes the extra mile and never complains. John is fun, and entertaining. I can totally see why these two belong together.

While walking in the meadows Joanette pointed us to a house, it’s where she had her first job when she came to England. I love when there are little personal touches in a photoshoot.

Engagement photography in Cambridge meadows

When planning to take photos I always ask (especially with couples) how do you spend your time when you are together. If I can arrange that the location is personal even better.

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