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I’ve been a photographer for more than 8 years and started experimenting with graphic design 3 years ago. 2018 had me do an evaluation of what I want in business and in life. I’ve made some changes some more noticeable than others but the biggest change is that I am honing in on what I love doing.

As a child I remember being fascinated by shadows, standing outside making shapes with my hand and watching as my shadow disappeared in bigger shadows.

Someone explained to me there is only a shadow because the light is blocked. I then started looking for the light. My favourite, still today, is watching how light moves through the leaves and branches of trees.

Photography and design is about more than just business, it’s a way of observing and bringing out the gold. Let me rephrase… For every project I take on I ask myself, what can I show my client about them-self (their business) and what can I learn today? I believe in authenticity and that’s what I want to show in my work.

phós: light
Original Greek Word: φῶς, φωτός, τό
Part of Speech: Noun, Neuter
Transliteration: phós
Phonetic Spelling: (foce)
Definition: light
Usage: light, a source of light, radiance.

When I’m not working on PHOSMOMENTS projects you’ll find me working on other projects. I’m one of the founders of the Education Reimagined Fund, in 2019 myself and a few friends took a leap of faith and started Encounter Father’s Heart. And as of September 2020 I’ll be a student again this time going for a degree in Theology.

When I need a break from everything, I go for country side walks or invite myself to sit on my friends couch.

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